Monday, April 10, 2017


Hey Everyone!

This was a good week, not much happened that was too exciting just really the normal stuff. Finding, teaching, helping people! This week was HOT tho! Elder Plumb and I decided to get bikes (to save gas and kilometers) so we were biking a lot haha and it's a pretty good exercise. I'm working on my tan as well biking in the sun haha but its been pretty fun. You are able to find a lot more people doing it that way cuz you can stop and talk to everyone you come in contact with.

Also the highlight of the week was with Ann!! We have been having really great lessons with her so we have been thinking of a date for her. So we just taught about the atonement and she was feeling the spirit like crazy I could feel it, everyone could. Plumb asked her how she felt and read fruits of the spirit with her. And after I invited her to be baptized and without a doubt she said yes! We set a date with her for the 29th of this month so she is super prepared and its been great being able to work with her. She said she knows this church and the Book of Mormon is true! So that was a highlight of the week!!

District leader is pretty fun. My comp and I taught district meeting and we taught about humility. It was a great lesson we used playdough to show you need a soft heart not a harden heart to change. as you have a soft heart (playdough) you are able to change into something beautiful! But if you have a hard heart ( a rock) you can't changed. So it's only as we humble ourselves and use the atonement then we are able to repent and change into someone who our heavenly father knows we can become. So it was a spiritual and fun lesson.

Well have a great week everyone! 
ether 6:3 be the light or find the light that can continue to guide you back to our heavenly father. It only through the light is when we are able to see where to go

one love!
elder colton bastian

Smoke on the road

Trini kids


Ghetto swing hahaha

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